Farmed Foods: An Interview with Logan Ward

Logan Ward is the author of See You In A Hundred Years: Four Seasons in Forgotten America. He and his wife, Heather, had been living in New York for years. But they had a newborn child and more stress than they could handle, so they did some reevaluating. They decided to move to a farm ten miles outside of Staunton, Virginia and live as small farmers in the year 1900. They existed as subsistence farmers for a year, using no technologies that had not been invented by 1900 and only eating foods they grew themselves.

In our interview, we talked with Logan about the multi-faceted benefits of living off the land, and how people can apply these ideals to a high-pace, modern lifestyle:

See You in a Hundred Years is an insightful but lighthearted narrative about the search for a simpler lifestyle. If you enjoyed the interview, you can check out excerpts of the book by clicking on the link below:


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